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Guide Infrared KnightIR DS

Combined thermal camera and visual camera on a PTZ, DS-Series was specially designed for the security and surveillance of expansive areas in all conditions. With the network, people can keep the areas under surveillance in any space of the world.


24/7 monitoring in all conditions, not only the darkest night, but also the execrable weather, such as rain, snow, smoke, blowing sand and fog.

Various options for optical lens

The DS-Series supply a series types of lens to allow you to configure an optimal choice to ensure the best monitoring image for the object which we want to observe. Using the long optical len, we can detective the object up to 5 kilometers.

Analog video and network digital video

With the network we can accomplish the remote control and observe in any space of the world.

The DS-Series was the best scheme for the intellectualized surveillance.

Rotary PTZ control

Full 360 degrees security to ensure that we have the field of view without blind areas.

Advanced video processing functions

High-resolutions, DDE, filter to reduce the noise, automatic brightness and contrast, electronic zoom, palettes, to meet our demand.

Compatibility with standard security interface

Using the standard security interface such as peclo-d through the serial interface, DS-Series were compatibility with the most of monitoring system in existence.

Easy installation and maintenance

The DS-Series can be installed on the bracket, distributed over several locations that we want to observe, we only need one people to complete the installation in half an hour.