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Whether you have a one-room office, a manufacturing facility, a bakery or any other place of business, the one thing that you should invest in is a good CCTV security system. Not only will you enjoy the convenience of taking that extra measure in securing your place of business, but you can also make the sight of a CCTV camera intimidating for would-be intruders, thieves and criminals. Read on to find out more about how important it is to invest in a good CCTV security system for offices.

CCTV Security System

What You Need to Know about Office CCTV Security Systems

If you have a store where all your goods are displayed, a CCTV security system will allow you to monitor shoplifters and thieves. If you have an office where administrative work is being done, you can ensure the security of the employees inside it. For manufacturing areas, a CCTV camera is a great way to monitor the going-ons inside your main place of operation. To learn more about the importance of installing CCTV security systems, here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about it:

• How do CCTV security systems work?
CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and CCTV security systems include a camera, a recorder, a display and in some cases, an alarm system. These systems work by recording the events inside the area being surveyed, or broadcasting the events live via a TV display. When you have a CCTV security system inside the office or at home, you can take that extra precaution and ensuring the physical safety of the premises from petty thieves or criminals.

• Why is a CCTV security system as must-have in most offices?
Whether you have a one-room office or if your employees occupy an entire floor in a huge commercial building, a CCTV is a must-have. Instead of employing security guards, a CCTV security system is a more budget-friendly security option. Although there are instances when security officers are necessary, having the option of simply installing a CCTV security system is something that business owners can take comfort in.

• What should I look for when buying a CCTV security system?
One example of a CCTV camera that you can buy for your office security system is the Xvision 700TVL Varifocal Vandal Dome Camera 40m IR. Bullet CCTV cameras are shaped like a small tube and some features include good image clarity, automatic controls, being waterproof, clear picture recording and night visibility. Aside from the brand and the price of the CCTV camera, you should also make sure that its components will fit your office security needs to a tee.


The History Of CCTV

Since CCTV Systems was developed in Germany way back in 1942, it had become known among large businesses and rich people, but now, anybody can easily buy them. CCTV means “closed circuit television.” A CCTV Security System is made up of a camera (or a network of cameras) which delivers signal to its receiver (or receivers). It’s signal, however, will only be delivered within the closed network and won’t get shared publicly.

As stated above, it was used for the very first time in the year 1942 in Germany to observe the launching of a rocket.CCTV Cameras are invented because it isn’t safe for any human being to stay close enough to the rocket as it launches. Their many advantages were realized since then and they are started to be produced for commercial purposes.
CCTV Security Cameras were then introduced in America by 1949 and have them manufactured for commercial purpose. It started as a tool that only the rich people can afford but for now, these CCTV Monitoring Systems eventually appears to be useful thing for a man’s daily life. CCTV Surveillance Systems had changed the world we are living in that now, it is almost hard for someone to locate a place where you can’t find a security camera. They are even on streets!
CCTV Bullet Camera - CCTV Installers

The significant acceptance of these CCTV Equipment is due to the fact that burglary and other such crimes had been becoming so rampant these days. Records show that the numbers of such crimes were fast rising. The need for optimum security measures has been the main reason why this CCTV Equipment had become so popular anywhere in the world today.

And lucky for everyone, the expense of establishing a basic CCTV Network ended up drastically reduced. They are much affordable now compared to the first years of their commercial existence. They are made easier to install, as well. Like CCTV Wireless Security Cameras, for instance. They manufactured it attainable for a CCTV to be installed minus all the hassles of cabling and all. In fact, that is a lot of advantage in comparison to the older types of security cameras wherein you would likely need an Engineering degree to go through the installation process.

To help to make things much better, cheaper CCTV DVR Systems are introduced in the market (as another option to PC based DVR units which are very essential for capturing recorded footages) making things more affordable. Now, even the everyday people can now avail of this latest technology. And from the analogue type of CCTV wherein it needs tapes to store recorded footages, here comes Digital CCTV, making things far more convenient. This means no constant changing of tapes is being required. No large libraries of footages must be kept. And no labelling and sorting needed. Professional CCTV of today had, indeed, made security a convenient and affordable thing to have.
Knowing how Affordable CCTV had become, are you going to allow yourself to be so left behind? Are you going to make it easy for those cold-blooded criminals to execute their plans when there’s actually something that you can do to prevent those things from happening? The answer is NO! Buy CCTV now!