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Geutebruck’s new G-Cam/E range of HD cameras

Geutebruck’s new G-Cam/E range of HD cameras

Geutebruck’s new G-Cam/E range of HD cameras is designed for quicker, cheaper, safer installation and adjustment. There are box, fixed dome, bullet and PTZ dome models for all types of professional monitoring applications, for indoors or out, with or without one-click AF. All have 1/2.7” CMOS image sensors, support H.264 and MJPEG, offer HD1080P resolution and day/night operation with removable cut filters for optimum light sensitivity and colour reproduction.

Not only are these cameras simple to install, but you can set them up without taking your laptop up the ladder.  After drilling holes and mounting a G-Cam/E series camera, you just plug a tiny pocket-sized service screen into its analogue output and set the viewing angle. Then you can close the housing and adjourn to the relative comfort of your workstation or control room. There you assign the IP address, take advantage of the remote-controlled motorised lens to adjust the image quality, and run the Geutebruck video system’s CamCheck feature to create a reference image from each camera. This image not only lets you document the installation for approval purposes, but also in the longer term, facilitates quality control checks and system quality certification.  Questions like: Has the field of view remained constant? Are the lens and housing window clean?  Has vegetation grown to obscure the view? – are all easy to answer when you have a definitive reference.


MESSOA 2MP IP LPR and Lite NVR Solution

The long anticipated MESSOA IP-based LPR camera line will be showcased in the upcoming ISC West Show. Taking a great leap to IP technology, numerous advanced features, including Full HD resolution, multiple lane coverage, intelligent traffic mode, and customizable profile configuration, are designed into the latest IP LPR cameras to improve traffic surveillance experience to a whole new level.

For challenging applications, such as high-speed, long-range or low light environments, the cameras can be further integrated with the MESSOA SLI080 Series IR Illuminator for IR enhancement. The duo provides a powerfully effective solution that brings out the best low light performance and recognition results demonstrated via the Milestone ANPR platform.

Plug-and-play Lite NVR Solution with Full HD local display

MESSOA all new Lite NVR Solution, targeting small-scale installations such as homes and small businesses, will also be placed under the spotlight. With true plug-and-play setup and real-time local display up to Full HD resolution, the Linux-embedded solution works just like a DVR but without the need for those complicated network settings that would be otherwise required with conventional NVR systems.

Featuring a standalone network video recorder up to 8 channels, along with a series of NVR-ready MESSOA megapixel cameras, the Lite NVR Solution offers a complete system kit that can be easily installed in a matter of minutes. There is no need to purchase extra computers or software to operate the system, as the NVR runs on itself, which helps save a great deal, especially for those budget concerned buyers.

Other products to showcase include MESSOA IP camera lineups, ranging from 5MP bullet cameras to the just-released 1080p, 30fps dome cameras. Their Image sharpness backed by the proprietary imaging technology and the intelligent video features will be demonstrated live as well.


Aperio Offline access control doors

Aperio Offline access controlAperio™ Offline access control doors now allow access control system manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to offer even more favourably priced solutions, thus creating a competitive advantage for themselves. All they need to do is integrate Aperio™ components into their system, an easy task.

Aperio™ Offline is particularly suitable for doors which cannot be wired, are used very little or are a distance away from other doors. Very easy to install, an Aperio™ Offline cylinder or escutcheon is mounted onto the door and then integrated into the access control system. Access authorisations are saved onto existing RFID user cards or transponders. Doors are all managed using the same access control system, whether they feature Aperio™ Offline or Online. Users receive new or modified access authorisations from a central point.

One special feature in Aperio™ Offline is its status message capability used to indicate low battery status or a jammed lock and transmit other door signals to the access control system via the cards or transponders. This allows system maintenance to rectify faults or replace batteries within a short space of time. Lost user cards and transponders can be cancelled by placing them on a blacklist or become automatically invalid after a specific period of time. Able to support up to 16 time schedules, Aperio™ Offline also offers a permanently open mode (office mode) and door status change (toggle mode).

For customers or end-users, the greatest advantage lies in the fact that they can now choose the right access control system for every door scenario. Regardless of whether the door is Aperio™ Online or Offline, both can be administered using the same access control system.

Aperio™ Offline cylinders or escutcheons can also be easily used for Aperio™ Online if operators wish to integrate a door into an online system at a later date. In such a case, the door is incorporated into the access control system via a wireless communications hub, thus providing a favourably priced, non-wired, online solution.


Guide Infrared KnightIR DS

Combined thermal camera and visual camera on a PTZ, DS-Series was specially designed for the security and surveillance of expansive areas in all conditions. With the network, people can keep the areas under surveillance in any space of the world.


24/7 monitoring in all conditions, not only the darkest night, but also the execrable weather, such as rain, snow, smoke, blowing sand and fog.

Various options for optical lens

The DS-Series supply a series types of lens to allow you to configure an optimal choice to ensure the best monitoring image for the object which we want to observe. Using the long optical len, we can detective the object up to 5 kilometers.

Analog video and network digital video

With the network we can accomplish the remote control and observe in any space of the world.

The DS-Series was the best scheme for the intellectualized surveillance.

Rotary PTZ control

Full 360 degrees security to ensure that we have the field of view without blind areas.

Advanced video processing functions

High-resolutions, DDE, filter to reduce the noise, automatic brightness and contrast, electronic zoom, palettes, to meet our demand.

Compatibility with standard security interface

Using the standard security interface such as peclo-d through the serial interface, DS-Series were compatibility with the most of monitoring system in existence.

Easy installation and maintenance

The DS-Series can be installed on the bracket, distributed over several locations that we want to observe, we only need one people to complete the installation in half an hour.