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Aperio Offline access control doors

Aperio Offline access controlAperio™ Offline access control doors now allow access control system manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to offer even more favourably priced solutions, thus creating a competitive advantage for themselves. All they need to do is integrate Aperio™ components into their system, an easy task.

Aperio™ Offline is particularly suitable for doors which cannot be wired, are used very little or are a distance away from other doors. Very easy to install, an Aperio™ Offline cylinder or escutcheon is mounted onto the door and then integrated into the access control system. Access authorisations are saved onto existing RFID user cards or transponders. Doors are all managed using the same access control system, whether they feature Aperio™ Offline or Online. Users receive new or modified access authorisations from a central point.

One special feature in Aperio™ Offline is its status message capability used to indicate low battery status or a jammed lock and transmit other door signals to the access control system via the cards or transponders. This allows system maintenance to rectify faults or replace batteries within a short space of time. Lost user cards and transponders can be cancelled by placing them on a blacklist or become automatically invalid after a specific period of time. Able to support up to 16 time schedules, Aperio™ Offline also offers a permanently open mode (office mode) and door status change (toggle mode).

For customers or end-users, the greatest advantage lies in the fact that they can now choose the right access control system for every door scenario. Regardless of whether the door is Aperio™ Online or Offline, both can be administered using the same access control system.

Aperio™ Offline cylinders or escutcheons can also be easily used for Aperio™ Online if operators wish to integrate a door into an online system at a later date. In such a case, the door is incorporated into the access control system via a wireless communications hub, thus providing a favourably priced, non-wired, online solution.