CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions offered by ZimCos AVS

ZimCos AVS are professional CCTV installers that are using consistent range of high-quality Surveillance Solutions.


Camera Type used by our CCTV Installers

Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, ZimCos AVS can meet your needs.

You benefit from an extensive selection of CCTV Cameras, CCTV Recorders  which come in different forms ans sizes to fully meet your requirements.

Unlike any other companies in the same field who tries to sell some products, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a custom solution for every customer needs. Security became a major issue for some companies and private individuals and that is the reason why our CCTV Installers will show you how to use the equipment.

Choosing the right CCTV Installation System can be really difficult. Our CCTV Installers are specially trained to offer you the best CCTV Solutions, solving your security issues in a friendly and professional manner. We stock our security CCTV Products from top manufacturers including Avigilon, Axis, ACTi, Alhua, D-Link, GeoVision, HikVision, Mobotix, Samsung, Vivotek, Y-Cam.

Our CCTV Installers are specially trained to answer and responds fast to fault and service calls, when a service for your CCTV System is required.

ZimCos AVS is proud to see that the majority of our work is coming from recommendation. We are happy to see that our work is appreciated, testing the latest CCTV equipment from the market before approve it for use. All the CCTV products that are offered to our customers are being tested in our office by our specialists.


CCTV Systems

As professional CCTV Installers, we specialize in the design and installation of CCTV Systems.  CCTV systems are most often used in areas that may need monitoring as banks, casinos, convenience stores, commercial or residential properties. CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room in environments unsuitable for humans. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event.


CCTV Monitoring

Off site CCTV can be done by using a software that integrates with CCTV systems, monitoring every action in any environment. This systems allow the control and monitoring of cameras from one remote monitoring station.


Rapid Deployment CCTV

Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras, are well known as portable CCTV, CCTV Tower, mobile CCTV Tower and Temporary CCTV, are ideal to monitor an event. This solution can be deployed in any location and they are ideal for rapid installation, temporary surveillance or remote applications. Usually, this Rapid Deployment CCTV Systems are used within Traffic and Transport sector or even on construction sites.


Remote Access

Remote access to your CCTV system is possible via PC or even your Smartphone. ZimCos AVS will offer this facility to all our customers, with every CCTV Installation. You can watch and listen real time video and audio from anywhere in the world over the internet via a broadband connection.


Service and Maintenance

All our CCTV Installations can be backed up by a full comprehensive CCTV maintenance cover. Regular CCTV Maintenance  not only ensures the continued operation of your CCTV System, but also the quality of the images recorded. Without regular maintenance, even the most CCTV equipment will deteriorate, so it is important that a  qualified engineer checks your system at least once a year.

We’ve graded our CCTV maintenance packages into 3 categories, Gold, Silver and Bronze options, depending on your requirements.


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  • ~ Kalpesh

    "ZimCos AVS fitted 5 cameras, they were very polite and professional. ZimCos AVS timing was spot on and when they said, they would be there, they would be there. I could not fault the service one bit, their work was very clean and tidy. I’m extremely happy with the cameras and the customer service. I have already recommended him to family and friends who have had cameras installed by ZimCos"

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