Access Control

Access Control Services are meant to control and restrict access.


Paxton Access Control SystemIf you wish to monitor, control or restrict access in a required area, an Access Control System will perfectly suit your requirements. This Access Control Systems can be simple as a stand-alone door or a multi complex system using a PC based working over the LAN (local area network). The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a guard, bouncer or receptionist. Access Control are divided in many distinct types:


Swipe Cards

This days, Swipe Cards has been superseded by proximity cards or key fobs. This Access Control option allows people to access a restricted areas with the use of individually coded proximity cards or key fobs. This proximity cards and key fobs can be cancel at any time, in case that one of this devices are lost. Swipe cards are difficult to duplicate as you will need the specific microchip, some knowledge of radio technology, and the software to be able to implement the protocol.



This devices allow access to a person after a numeric code has been inserted. On some keypads, you can set up more than one code, one for every person. This option is recommended to be used in a small group of individuals as the codes can be easily shared with other persons.


Proximity Tags

Allows access by passing a fob in the front of the reader. As well as Keypad, this fobs are very easy to be shared with other individuals. To increase security, the Keypad can be used in together with Proximity Tags. In that case, to have access into a restricted area you must use your key fob followed by your code.


Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Will read your fingerprint in order for you to have access in the restricted area. All of this devices can memorize more than 100 users.


Security Risks

In most of the cases a security risk of intrusion of an access control system is simply by following a legitimate user through a door. In many cases, the legitimate user will hold the door for the intruder.  In very high security applications this risk is minimized by using a sally port (security vestibule or mantrap), where operator intervention is required presumably to assure valid identification. There is no perfect security or Access Control system. Every system can be vulnerable to sophisticated attacks. To improve security, other authorization methods can be added to the system.







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  • ~ John Bajina

    "ZimCos AVS supplied, fitted and set up security surveillance equipment for me. They were helpful, business-like, polite and friendly. Quoting was not an issue, they accepted my specification, did not try to sell me 'extras'; gave me all the options, discussed all the pros and cons. Never any pressure just good advice. Installation was thorough, they took their time. Installed exactly to my specification. Any changes were discussed and agreed upon. Huge care was taken not to leave any mess. After installation, the system checked and was explained fully. I needed remote access; this was arranged. When I needed a download, this was sent by return email, without extra cost. Sensible sound pricing. No excessive"

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